Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photo Workshops

It’s amazing how time takes wings. Well I’m back from the realm. No crossed fingers, toes or eyes, I’m committed with a vengeance to post more often.

Much has happened since the Ecuador shoot. Some of it I can even tell you about…

I’m still invited to teach at photography workshops around the country. I enjoy it and always seem to learn as much from the students as I teach. I always grow and I do love growth.

Last year I began two photo groups in Atlanta One is a photography and model group geared toward learning and networking . Sometimes we get together for teaching, critiquing and sometimes the group shoots in studio or on location as I make suggestions or instruct.

The second group I formed as a Mentoring Group. One on one, I coach beginning or pro photographers to help them develop the artistic aspect of their work. I have some talented students that really want to learn and I especially enjoy working with this group.

For the first time in years I’ll be producing a full workshop series of my own: the first being on Fashion and Beauty Lighting for magazines. For details follow the links on my website at: I’ve also been invited to return to Ecuador this summer to teach there (back to the Espanola lessons).

Life for all of us has its ups and downs. This economy is hitting many of us hard but my direction is that if we just weather the storm, do the best we can we’ll end up on the other side, on a nicer beach than before.

Thought for the day: Attitude! It’s one of the determining factors that makes or breaks our lives. Having a wrong attitude toward others and life is a shovel. It will only dig you down deeper leading to less favor and less comfort from others.

The right attitude no matter what the circumstances is a rope. It lifts you, gives you a helping hand and reduces the stress even in the storm. It is a sword that cuts through the night.

There are new stars in the sky and I’ll tell you about them soon.

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